Medical Services                     Acute Care Services               Chronic Care Services
   Pharmacy                                                          Sore throats                                                 Diabetes

        Physicals                                                         Common cold                                              Hypertension

        Emergency Medicine                                       Pneumonia                                                  Heart disease

         Acute Medicine                                                Bronchitis                                                    Asthma

         Care for minor injuries                                     Earaches                                                     Elevated cholesterol

         Minor surgeries                                                Stomach virus                                              COPD

         Immunizations                                                 Sinus infections

         Indigent Drug Program                                    Muscle sprains/strains

         Assistance with specialty referrals                   Minor injuries and surgeries

         Patient Centered Medical Home  

                                                                                                                                             and much more!

                 Preventive Care Services                   Dental Care Services

                            Routine physicals: sports/camp/school                           Routine dental care

                            Immunizations                                                                 Extractions

                            EPSDT (Cool Kids; well child checkups)                         X-rays


                                                                               Behavioral Health Services

​Sliding Fee Information

We would like to inform you of a program offered at our clinic, subsidized by the Department of Health and Human Services.  We are able to provide reduced-cost medical care based on your family income. (The definition of "family" for this sliding fee program means parents, minor children, and foster/adopted children.) A full application is available at the front desk at any of the three clinics.

Additionally, patients may be charged reduced rate for one visit per year without documentation proving family income.  After this first time, in order to receive reduced rates at the clinic, patients must bring in completed sliding fee application or otherwise, they will be considered self-pay and expected to pay full price at time of services.  Re-certification for this program is every 12 months.  Patient is responsible for notifying front office of any changes in family income or insurance.

We accept:

Cash and Personal Checks

Visa and Mastercard

We accept most insurances

Sliding Fee Program

Sliding payment scale



     Mantachie Rural Health Care, Inc.

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